1. The Color Of Love
2. Pansies
3. Let Us
4. The Voice
5. Don’t Say Goodbye
6. You Are My Tree
7. The Secret
8. Darling
9. Soft Song
10. The Song Of Rosebuds
11. What? Where? Why?
12. Fantasia

Songs from my CD ‚Fantasia‘:

„Melanie Bong..s songs are as original as her tuneful name, and I..m sure you will get as much pleasure out of her music as I do …. musical beauty flows in and out of this lovely persona …” – Mark Murphy

Johannes Enders – sax

Martin Wöss – piano and keys

Fernando Correa – guitar

Adelhard Roidinger – bass

Gregor Hilbe – drums

Brasilian Rhythm and Jazzharmony combine in „The Colour Of love“, a little bit in the tradition of Brasilian Singer and Songwriter ‚Joyce‘. Adelhard Roidinger playing the electric bass…

„Melanie sings with passion an heart …. listen and enjoy!!“ – Steve Kuhn

The lyric of „Pansies“ is a poem by the Austrian poet Joe Singer.

Flowting Bossa Ballad, that takes you to a warm and peaceful place…listen and enjoy!

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